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The Power of Email Marketing With Tarzan Kay

Using email marketing in your business can often be scary and overwhelming, and many entrepreneurs see little success. We chat with Tarzan Kay on her journey to writing addictive emails, how she got there, and how we can get customers from our inbox too.


Key Insights

  • Key Insight #1 - Struggles on this Entrepreneurship Journey
  • Key Insight #2 - How did you Land on Copywriting?
  • Key Insight #3 - Biggest Mistakes on Email Marketing


  • [00:43] - Welcome
  • [01:52] - In the Search of my Career
  • [02:42] - Landing on Copywriting
  • [06:52] - Making a Living out of Copywriting
  • [08:39] - The B School - A Game Changing
  • [12:32] - The Writing Competition I Won
  • [16:00] - Getting Pregnant and the Personal Boundaries
  • [20:54] - The Values!
  • [24:00] - Stay-at-home Dad, How does that work?
  • [26:07] - The first time I invested in a Mastermind, what a hard Conversation.
  • [29:36] - The Biggest Mistakes People Do with their Email Marketing
  • [30:30] - Just send those emails!
  • [37:00] - You never know what's the winner email!

Resources Mentioned

Find Our Guest

Tarzan headshot
  • Tarzan is a master of email marketing and former copywriter-for-hire who specializes in fun-to-read, more-addictive-than-Game-of-Thrones email copy. She also helps freelancers attract better clients who’ll reach deeper into their pockets to pay for top-quality services — also using the power of email, duh! In a previous life, Tarzan was a music major and – like so many copywriters – did a 3-year stint in law school, en français! She found her way to the online space through blogging and social media (“Whassup, overdue credit card bills and low-paying clients!”). When T-Money’s not in “Mob boss mode,” she likes to take mid-day dunks in the pool (even at frigid temperatures), stage backyard episodes of Ultimate Beastmaster, and sing show tunes in the shower. Tarzan lives in Niagara with her partner and two kiddos.

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