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Self Care For Entrepreneurs

As a business owner & also as a human being, it is essential to take care of yourself. In this episode, we are going to discuss self-care and how it should look different for all of us.


Key Insights

  • Find what self care means for YOU
  • Learn ways to carve out more time to focus on self care
  • Realize that what may work for one person, may not for you. Self care is a very personal thing.


  • [00:13] – Welcome
  • [02:04] – Don’t get bombarded with what others say is self care. What works for them, may not for you. Self care is a very personal matter
  • [05:40] – Know yourself well enough to create your own routine
  • [07:15] – Realize that your definition of self care may change with age, business changes and family life, as well
  • [09:14] – Common misconceptions about self care is that it will always cost too much money. Don’t fall for the lie!
  • [12:00] – The people who look like they have it all together… don’t
  • [15:40] – We cannot pour from an empty cup. Any money spent on self care is money well spent
  • [23:23] – Do a life audit! Can you start saying No to any of the things that are no longer serving you? Do not feel guilty putting yourself first
  • [28:30] – Action Items
  • [30:27] – Tom’s Bookshelf

Resources Mentioned

Actions to Take

Tom Sylvester
  • Take time to do the time audit
Ariana Sylvester
  • Choose one thing you can start saying no to. Give yourself space to start something just for you!

Tom's Bookshelf

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