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Scrum vs. Kanban: Which Should You Use In Your Business?

Ready to try adding project management into your business, but not sure which framework is for you? Join us on today’s show, where we chat about Scrum vs Kanban, what they are, and which one is right for you!


Key Insights

  • Scrum and Kanban are both agile methods for managing your project and todos, but one may be better suited for your type of work
  • Scrum has a little more structure and is focused on breaking down bigger work/projects into 2-week sprints and getting the work to done
  • Kanban is less structured and is focused on modeling your flow of work, then limiting work in process to get work done faster


  • [05:52] - What is the difference between Scrum and Kanban?
  • [10:04] - Breaking down Scrum
  • [23:43] - Breaking down Kanban
  • [38:02] - Actions from the episode

Resources Mentioned

Actions to Take

Tom Sylvester
  • Review your current process for planning and executing work and see if it makes sense to begin implementing Scrum or Kanban.
Ariana Sylvester
  • I know we went through a lot. So post up any questions that you have below so we can help you guys with this, or even explore it deeper on a future podcast episode.

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