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Running Your Business During A Crisis

The entire world is in a state of uncertainty as we navigate our current situation due to the COVID-19 virus, and many entrepreneurs and small business owners are struggling to keep their businesses afloat. On today’s show, Tom and I have an open conversation around how it’s affecting us, and some steps you can take as you’re running your business during a crisis.


Key Insights

  • Key Insight #1 - New Reality: Working from Home with Kids
  • Key Insight #2 - Your Business' Survival
  • Key Insight #3 - Business - Thrive


  • [00:41] - Welcome
  • [01:45] - Looking at The Big Picture: The Incoming Recession
  • [03:25] - It's not just about your Business, it's about the Kids too, talk to them!
  • [06:00] - Set your Enviroment up for Success, now more than ever!
  • [06:58] - The new Social Distancing Lifestyle
  • [08:12] - We are Getting back to what Really Matters
  • [10:30] - The learning process in Home, look around for your Resources
  • [11:52] - Immediate Short Term Survival for your Business
  • [13:00] - Don't feel like taking Advantage of the Situation, you have Something to Offer!
  • [16:30] - You need to Know your Current Financial Situation to make the Right Decisions
  • [19:00] - There are many Options for You to Help your Business
  • [23:00] - Be Aware of the Bad Advices, too!
  • [26:00] - Look at your Analytics
  • [28:42] - Tom and Ariana's Actions
  • [32:00] - Lifestyle Builder's Book

Resources Mentioned

Actions to Take

Tom Sylvester
  • Tom's Action - Think of the Future: What are you going to look back and wish you did right now during this time to set yourself up for Success?
Ariana Sylvester
  • Ariana's Key Action - Put some intentional Self Care on your Calendar! Find a New Activity to do for Yourself

Tom's Bookshelf

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