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Legal Doesn’t Have To Be Scary – Simple Steps To Protect Your Business with Sarah Kornblet Waldbuesser

Protecting your business legally can be overwhelming, but it is critical. Attorney Sarah Kornblet Waldbuesser discusses simple steps to protect your business.


Key Insights

  • Protecting your business doesn’t need to be scary
  • Having a professional on your side can save you thousands of dollars down the line
  • Why online space needs a little extra protection


  • [00:31] – Welcome
  • [00:50] – Meet Sarah
  • [04:21] – The timeline (Washington DC Attorney, International Global Health, Felt a pull toward travel and becoming a digital nomad)
  • [08:16] – “I had no idea what I was doing.” – Sarah
  • [08:41] – Consulting with old clients, moving back home, while planning to move to Thailand
  • [09:58] – Thailand, start ups and E-Commerce
  • [11:29] – Meeting a life coach
  • [15:00] – “I really had to overcome my mindset to actually charge people.” – Sarah
  • [16:40] – Most people avoid legal and hope for the best, mostly becasue they don’t seem to know what they need, but also, don’t quite know how to find out
  • [21:26] – “I hate seeing amazing people, doing amazing things, unprotected.” – Sarah
  • [25:05] – Doing your homework
  • [28:33] – When to DIY vs when to hire a professional
  • [31:00] – Because the online space is constantly evolving, protecting yourself with expert advice is always a good idea
  • [37:27] – Biggest take away – Legal isn’t scary!
  • [39:23] – Where to find Sarah

Resources Mentioned

About Sarah

Sarah Kornblett Waldbuesser Headshot circle

Sarah Kornblet Waldbuesser, JD, is an attorney for online entrepreneurs. After several years at a law firm and a few career jumps, she ended up falling in love with online business and loves helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams in a smart and protected way. She is also an adventurer, traveler, and food and wine lover. When not at her computer, she loves flying around the globe and connecting with other online business owners

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