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Instagram Conversations with Melissa Pruitt

Knowing how to best interact on Social Media platform can be confusing. Today we sit down with guest expert Melissa Pruitt of Instaposts to talk about all things Instagram!


Key Insights

  • Key Insight #1 - Build the relationships by engaging & giving value
  • Key Insight #2 - Don't worry about how it should look, just start!
  • Key Insight #3 - Use your value & mission as your Instagram filter


  • [00:45] - Meet our guest!
  • [01:40] - My thoughts on Instagram...
  • [02:22] - "Instagram is like Facebook's little sister" - Melissa
  • [03:55] - Instagram smooshes the life & business together into one awesome app
  • [06:22] - We're the boss of our business, we get to decide what lens we want to share about our business." - Melissa
  • [08:19] - The 3 things you need to do to build know, like & trust with your followers
  • [10:52] - Go back & look at the data & engagement to see what resonates!
  • [11:40] - The curated feed debate
  • [13:02] - "Just ask yourself each day, how am I going to get my followers value?" - Melissa
  • [20:16] - Using your IG profile
  • [21:37] - Let's talk content
  • [24:21] - "We have to be proactive as entrepreneurs, with our conversations and creating a two way dialogue, because that two way dialogue is what's going to create that relationship." - Melissa
  • [26:23] - It's all about telling a story
  • [29:55] - All about Melissa's freebie (link below)

Resources Mentioned

Find Our Guest

Melissa Pruitt Headshot - square
  • Melissa Pruitt is a Content and Marketing Strategist and the creator of Instaposts, which helps entrepreneurs and business owners create engaging content on their Instagram posts, stories, and IGTV. Her background in psychology bridges human behavior with business and this is how she teaches her clients to connect with their followers on social media. When she and her husband Paul are partners in business and life and when they are not busy coaching entrepreneurs on marketing strategy, enjoy traveling and spending time with their family.

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