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How to Get Your Spouse On Board

When you have an idea for a business, it’s important to get your spouse on board before moving forward, otherwise, your path to success will be way more difficult. In this episode, we discuss how to get aligned with your spouse and strategies for getting them on board with your business idea.


Key Insights

  • Getting aligned with your spouse is CRITICAL
  • Sharing & understanding "why" along with what reservations your spouse has allows for the deeper conversations to occur
  • Once you define what you want to achieve, decide how each of you will contribute to creating that ideal life


  • [00:52] - Welcome
  • [02:59] - Getting aligned with your spouse
  • [09:20] - The importance of talking about "why" in addition to what
  • [12:35] - Identifying reservations holding you or your spouse back
  • [18:15] - Defining expectations and what roles you each fill
  • [22:44] - Discuss potential success and failures and agree on how to proceed
  • [24:40] - Establishing check-in points as you begin working on your path
  • [27:25] - Your Homework
  • [28:39] - Tom's Bookshelf

Resources Mentioned

Actions to Take

Tom Sylvester
  • Think about 1 important thing that you want in life.  Then I want you to go and do it.  Experience what you want to either motivate you or decide it's not as important to yo
Ariana Sylvester
  • Sit down with your spouse and simply ask them what they want in life.

Tom's Bookshelf

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