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Entrepreneur Burnout

There is a dangerous trend amongst entrepreneurs to be everywhere and to do everything, and to hustle to get your business scaled! In today’s episode, we chat on what the very real result of all that can often be – entrepreneur burnout.


Key Insights

  • Ditch the "hustle"
  • Burnout is inevitable. But you CAN minimize or even prevent it, with the right tools
  • When you start to know what burnout looks like, you can reach out and stop it before it takes hold


  • [00:16] – Welcome
  • [01:44] – The “hustle” mentality and why it’s not serving anyone in the long run
  • [03:55] – As an entrepreneur, you are doing everything. This means burnout is almost always a threat
  • [04:48] – All aspects of your business come home with you, making it very difficult to separate from work
  • [10:30] – Often times, you end up leaving your job for another job, except this one is longer hours, more pressure and typically less pay (in the beginning, especially)
  • [11:31] – Trading hours for dollars
  • [14:08] – Burnout can often mimic depression
  • [18:18] – You cannot ignore this and hope it goes away. It will not. Self care will be essential
  • [23:25] – Symptoms vs Root Causes
  • [29:04] – Prevention is the best medicine
  • [31:50] – Action Items

Resources Mentioned

Actions to Take

Tom Sylvester
  • What does burnout look like for you? Think about the signs in your own life
Ariana Sylvester
  • Share your own story of burnout. Feel free to comment, or if you would like to remain private, email me! I would love to hear from you.

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