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Dad Guilt is Real

You hear a lot about mom-guilt these days, but let’s be honest – dads have guilt too! In today’s episode, we’re diving into the struggles of entrepreneur dads and how you can free yourself from that guilt.


Key Insights

  • While you hear about Mom Guilt everywhere, you don’t often hear much about Dad Guilt, but its equally real
  • Reaching out to others in your same position is critical for dealing with these feelings
  • Learn to define the way YOU want to show up for your family, and leave the expectations behind


  • [00:14] – Welcome
  • [01:24] – You hear about Mom Guilt everywhere… but where do Dads fit in? Shifting roles has led to more and more dads feeling the guilt when it comes to their family and how they are able to show up for them
  • [04:13] – Mom groups are EVERYwhere, but dads often struggle to find the same
  • [08:20] – Feeling isolated
  • [10:50] – Expectations, usually presented as “The Hustle.” While this can be either parent, the majority is placed on the male role
  • [15:30] – Utilizing the Life Planner
  • [18:50] – Define the way YOU want to show up
  • [19:23] – Communication
  • [24:23] – Action Items
  • [26:04] – Tom’s Bookshelf
  • [MM:SS] - What is happening

Resources Mentioned

Actions to Take

Tom Sylvester
  • Go seek out someone that you can talk to about these types of issues
Ariana Sylvester
  • Post in the comments, What is 1 thing you’re feeling guilt about and how to you plan to attack it?

Tom's Bookshelf

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