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Connection, Contribution and (More) Cowbell With Bobby Klinck

As entrepreneurs we often go through many evolutions while building our businesses, and as such it can be a struggle to find yourself in it all. Join us on today’s episode as we chat with Bobby Klinck, as he shares how 3 things (connection, contribution & cowbell) have helped him build a badass business.


Key Insights

  • Key Insight #1 - Bobby's journey from "boring lawyer" to a bada$$ online marketer
  • Key Insight #2 - How giving freely has catapulted his business
  • Key Insight #3 - Infusing more of YOU in your business is a game changer

Resources Mentioned

Find Our Guest

Photograph by Travis Houze for Travis Houze Photography. Please DO NOT crop and/or alter in any way.
  • Bobby is a Harvard Law Grad turned Online Entrepreneur, but he’s not your typical lawyer! He speaks English (not legalese), he tells funny stories, makes fun of lawyers, uses wacky photos, and peppers in “dad jokes,” pop-culture references, and poop emojis. He built a multi-six figure business selling legal templates to online entrepreneurs and in the process found his entrepreneurial superpowers… connecting with his fans at a deep level and writing addictive emails. The copywriters on his list tend to keep a “Bobby Swipe File” and one even called him one of the best email marketers in the business.Nowadays, he helps online entrepreneurs build the badass businesses of their dreams… and make sure they’re protected along the way.

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