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Communication: How to Resolve Conflicts and Build Relationships With Debra Roberts

Communicating with the people we work with and the people we love can have a huge impact on our relationships, but it’s often harder than it sounds! On today’s show we chat with Debra Roberts, author of the Relationship Protocol, on just how to do that in an effective way.


Key Insights

  • Key Insight #1 - Creating the Relationship Protocol
  • Key Insight #2 - Resolving Conflicts with Communication
  • Key Insight #3 - Different Personalities & how we communicate


  • [00:35] - Welcome
  • [01:39] - Creating the Relationship Protocol
  • [05:26] - Learning Mindset
  • [07:25] - Most people are not comfortable with conflict
  • [10:00] - The way to approach difficult conversations
  • [13:00] - Communicating to resolve conflicts
  • [16:15] - Communication through technology
  • [20:30] - The pandemic challenge
  • [24:15] - Personalities tests & Communication
  • [26:37] - Spouse Communication
  • [30:0] - Personalities are not static
  • [33:29] - Communication is not about winning
  • [35:00] - Speaking with children
  • [40:00] - Hurting and being hurt
  • [43:00] - Debra´s final take and info

Resources Mentioned

Find Our Guest

© 2015
  • Debra Roberts, LCSW, is an author, a relationship expert and a communication specialist. She has over 20 years of experience working with all types of challenging relationships both in her private practice and consulting with businesses. Debra’s book, The Relationship Protocol, describes her practical communication model for starting conversations, defusing conflicts, and having more fulfilling relationships. Debra is a well-respected speaker who offers in-person and online talks and training.

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