Scrum vs Kanban Which should you use in your business
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Ready to try adding project management into your business, but not sure which framework is for you? Join us on today’s show, where we chat about Scrum vs Kanban, what they are, and which one is right for you!


Adding operations into your business can be a daunting task if that’s not your zone of genius! On today’s show, we’ve got guest Natalie Shafer Gingrich who knows all about helping entrepreneurs manage the back end of their business.


Wondering how you can possibly “wear all the hats” in your business and manage to get the most important tasks done? Wait, what are the most important tasks?! On today’s show, we’re chatting on why project management isn’t just a term for corporate companies – entrepreneurs need it too.

Should You Work For An Entrepreneur

Caught between the lure of time & financial freedom, but don’t want the responsibilities of running your own business? On today’s show we chat about the benefits (and downfalls) of working for an entrepreneur.

Stranger Things, Ladders and Superfans-Business Lessons from Pat Flynn

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Dealing With Your Family & Friends As An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship takes a lot of work & dedication, which can be hard without the support of your family & friends! In today’s episode, we chat on dealing with your family & friends as an entrepreneur.

Raising Entreprenurial Kids

Entrepreneurship opens up so many opportunities, why not let our children experience them too! In today’s episode we’re talking all about raising entrepreneurial kids.

Collaboration NOT Competition

In all the noise online today it’s easy to get caught up in thinking of others as competitors and trying to be the one on top. On today’s episode, we’re chatting on why changing your perspective and seeing collaborators instead of competitors can take you to the next level in business.

How to Determine Your Core Values

In today’s fast moving & technological world, it is critical to have a way to filter all of your business decisions. So in today’s episode, we are going to discuss how to create and leverage your core values for this.

Get Help Building Your Business

Building a business can be a challenging journey, at every level you will encounter a variety of problems you have to overcome. In this episode, we’ll walk through the different ways you can get help at each stage of business.

What Stage Is Your Business At?

I Need To...

Stage 1:

Validate Your Offer & Make Your First $30,000+

Stage 2:

Increase Your Sales to $100,000+

Stage 3:

Scale Your Business to $1,000,000+



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