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Breaking Through Mental Roadblocks with Erin Pheil

As entrepreneurs, many of us struggle to acknowledge and process the roller coaster of emotions & thoughts we go through on this journey. On today’s episode, we chat with Erin Pheil of Mindfix on breaking through our mental roadblocks.


Key Insights

  • Key Insight #1 - Conscious vs Subconscious mind patterns
  • Key Insight #2 - Entrepreneurs & Depression


  • [00:53] - Welcome
  • [02:00] - About Erin
  • [04:38] - The Old Sit and Repeat Method
  • [07:57] - The Conscious versus the Subconscious
  • [12:14] - Pushing your feelings aside and Pretending to be okay
  • [14:05] - The Imposter Syndrome
  • [18:54] - There are so many things to try for healing
  • [23:13] - Thoughts and Feelings are deeply interconnected
  • [25:24] - When we push down our emotions, it's easier to get triggered
  • [30:18] - Erin's tip: Think about the struggles you are having today
  • [33:00] - Awareness and Beliefs
  • [35:29] - Our Facebook Group

Resources Mentioned

Find Our Guest

1462-f - Erin from MindFix
  • After completing a BA in Psychology and MA in Digital Media, Erin blended her understanding of people with technology and founded, then ran an award-winning and nationally-ranked web agency for 16 years. She then went on to found MindFix after discovering the magic formula to getting out of one’s own way following a 3-year battle with pain and depression. Erin’s work and words have been featured in books, magazines, podcasts, webinars, newspaper columns, and events/conferences, she’s given keynote talks and presentations on instincts and human behavior, is Kolbe and DiSC certified, and has trained with the leaders of a variety of personal and professional development programs over the past decade and a half, ranging from Sandler Training to Strategic Coach.

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