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Breaking Down Big Projects, Off-line Marketing for Online Businesses, and More – A Lifestyle Builders Q&A Episode

You have questions, we have answers. In this episode, we bring you another behind the curtain view of a Q&A call with members of our Lifestyle Builders program.


Key Insights

  • Explore ways to decide on what content should come out for your business and when
  • How to use time and task audits to help plan out your next big project
  • Learn when and how to hone in on SEO


  • [00:20] – Welcome

  • [00:20] – Question 1 – Do you use a content planner? I am trying to decide a schedule to use for releasing my own content
  • [00:54] – We have nothing formal, as the biggest thing that matters is the intent of the content itself
  • [01:40] – We tend to recommend that you do not follow someone else’s method. What may work for one business, sometimes will not translate into yours
  • [03:35] – Think about your end goal, and how a planned release of content will support your journey to get there
  • [07:58] – Question 2 – One of my click funnels is not preforming. What could be the reason and what can I do?
  • [08:20] – Look at your where your current audience is finding you, and what their motivation is for clicking over to your link in the first place
  • [09:06] – IF possible, look back to see if this approach has working in the past
  • [10:43] – Question 3 – How do I market my online business offline?
  • [11:10] – Network TO market. Find where your people are and get in front of them
  • [18:04] – Question 4 – I am considering starting an online community, looking at both free and paid options. What can you tell me about them?
  • [18:38] – Use social media as a marketing strategy, but know that creating a community will take a lot of work and time
  • [19:23] – It is easy to create “baby bird syndrome” where people will only take your free content and never actually purchase from there
  • [24:18] – Question 5 – How do I decide what my next big project is to work on?
  • [26:22] – Do a time/task audit and see exactly where you are spending your time, and plan from there
  • [30:01] – Question 6 – When does SEO become an important part of your business?
  • [30:30] – SEO is usually not a first focus, unless it is a core part of your business – ie, traffic based income streams
  • [36:38] – Question 7 – When working with retainer clients, how far in advance should you work?

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Tom & Ariana Sylvester

Tom and Ariana have built 3 business and quit both of their jobs, all while raising 2 amazing kids.  Together they share their philosophies and guidance for entrepreneurs on their Lifestyle Builders™ podcast, their upcoming book Lifestyle Builders™: Build Your Business, Quit Your Job, & Create Your Ideal Life, as well as through their coaching and consulting programs.

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