Build Your Business.
Achieve Financial Freedom.
- AND -
Live Your Ideal Lifestyle

Become a Lifestyle Builder & Achieve the Financial Freedom You Seek

After You Become a Lifestyle Builder, Your Goals Are Simple.

Goal #1

Achieve Your Freedom Number

Your initial focus will be to grow your business to a point where you are paying yourself enough to cover all of your monthly expenses. This is called your Freedom Number, because at that point you can quit your job!

Goal #2

Achieve Your Dream Number

After leaving your job, your next goal is to grow your business and remove yourself so that you are making enough money to live your dream life and leveraging systems and a team so that you can step away.

Goal #3

Live Your Legacy

With your family now taken care of, you can shift your focus and decide what kind of legacy you want to live and how big of an impact you want to make on the people and causes that matter to you and your family. The sky is the limit as you have achieved success.

You No Longer Have to Be a Victim to the "Traditional Path"

What is the “Traditional Path”?  It’s the lie that we were all sold!

You Graduate High School

Spend 13 years working hard, getting good grades, and doing everything that you can to get into a great college.

You Graduate College

Spend another 4-8 years in college, going tens of thousands of dollar (even over $100,000 in some cases) with no guarantee of a job or income afterward.

You Work For
45+ Years

Rely on a company to tell you when to work, how much you will make, and how much vacation time you can take off.  Hope you make enough to pay off your student loans and other debts.

You Retire (And Finally Enjoy Life)

Hope that you made enough (and saved enough) money to retire so that you can finally live life on your terms.  

So What's The Alternative?

How can you get off the traditional path and onto the fast track?

Start Where You Are

It doesn’t matter if you are still in school or well into your career, you can make the decision to become a Lifestyle Builder and change the course of your future today.

Get Clear On
Your Future

Consider what you want your life to look like.  Imagine you are living that life, what does it look like?  With clarity on your future vision, you can now create a roadmap to make it a reality.

Start Your Business

Start your own business.  If you have a job and responsibilities, this can initially be done on the side until your business salary grows to a point where it can cover your monthly expenses.

"Retire" Early

As you scale your business, you can decide how much money you make, when you work, and what you want to spend your days doing.  You can “retire”, but not in the traditional sense.  Instead, you get years back and can live your ideal life now.

Introducing the Lifestyle Builders GPS

Welcome to Your New Path for Your Life of Freedom

Stage 0:

Create a Stable Base to Build On

The path to success starts with good habits, routines, and mindsets. Establish strong foundations around your resources (time, money, and energy) and establish a cadence of goal setting, execution, and optimization.

Stage 1:

Validate Your Business Idea

Understand who your business is serving and confirm that they need your product and service before spending a lot of time and money to build it. Get people to pay your money to fund your business.

Stage 2:

Generate Consistent Revenue

With your business idea initially validated, work on building out marketing, sales, and delivery systems so that you can continually attract, convert, and satisfy your customers.

Stage 3:

Free Up Your Time With Leverage

Allow your business to continue growing without taking over your life. Focus on building a team and implementing systems so that you can remove yourself from the day-to-day operations of your company.

What Makes Lifestyle Builders Different?

We’ve been there…

By 22, we had racked up $200,000 worth of debt and were making a combined $56,000/year.  Tom was working long hours as a software developer and Ariana couldn’t find a job with her degree, so she took whatever job she could find.

While this was going on, Tom was trying to start a side business, but Ariana kept going against the idea.  Then one day, Tom decided to spend $7,500 on a real estate investment training, on 2 high interest credit cards, 9 months before we got married, without telling Ariana. What ensued were a lot of conversations about our future, what we wanted it to look like, and how we would get there.

We had a decision to make.  We could give up on our dream life and stick with our jobs, or go against the traditional path and start our first business.  Thankfully we chose the business path.  

As we went through the ups and down of figuring out how to be entrepreneurs, we often struggled with the fact that there was lots of information out there on how to start a business, but little information about how to do when you are working a job, in a relationship, and starting a family.  Everyone seemed to promote hustling 24/7, quitting your jobs, and going “all in”.  

But we had responsibilities.  We had debt.  We had 2 young kids.  How would we make it all work?  After building 2 businesses and both leaving our jobs by age 33, we had finally figured out how to build your business in support of your life. 

As more people started to reach out and ask us how we did it and how they could do it as well, we realized that we had an obligation to help others who were also seeking freedom from the traditional path.  And so the Lifestyle Builders Movement began…


Lifestyle Builders - Tom & Ariana Sylvester
Screw U Live Speaking - Tom & Ariana Sylvester
Lifestyle Builders Group Shot Buffalo
Lifestyle Builders Manifesto
"Working with Tom was one of the BEST THINGS I have ever done in my business. He truly listened to where I am now, where I want to go, and the type of leader that I want to be."
Kaylyn Parker Headshot Circle
Kaylyn Parker
Social Media Manager
"I increased my membership by 50%, just over DOUBLED my previous highest revenue month. Spent more QUALITY time with my kids. Worked less, & stressed less."
Kirsty Briscoe Headshot Circle
Kirsty Briscoe
Owner, Paleo Folks
"I needed to figure out how to generate several tens of thousands of dollars, which we figured out how to map out for me. Nothing is better than being bullied by Tom because he loves you."
Christi Bender Headshot Circle
Christi Bender
CPA & Financial Strategist
It has been a great investment. I had a profitable business when I started coaching, but I had a lot of flaws; no processes, no manuals, no controls, little financial planning. Tom helped me with all of that.
Nordin Chena
eCommerce Entrepreneur
"I increased my membership by 50%, just over DOUBLED my previous highest revenue month. Spent more QUALITY time with my kids. Worked less, & stressed less."
Elizabeth Ralph Headshot Circle
Elizabeth Ralph
Founder of Financial Story
"Since working with Tom and Ariana for the past year, we officially went from having zero sales to selling hundreds of products in Primal Noms and serving dozens of paying clients in Owen Your Future."
Matt & Alli Owen

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Go From…


Step 1

Determine Which Business Stage Your Are In

What you need to focus and take action on depends on where you are at in your business building journey. Take our free quiz to help you understand where you are.

Step 2

Enroll in the Correct Program

After completing your quiz, you will understand where your business is at and what program will help you continue to grow. Simply enroll in that program to get started.

Step 3

Follow the Process & Achieve Your Results

Now that you are in the right place and have a proven process and support, get to work following the process and work towards your goals.

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What Stage Is Your Business At?

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Stage 1:

Validate Your Offer & Make Your First $30,000+

Stage 2:

Increase Your Sales to $100,000+

Stage 3:

Scale Your Business to $1,000,000+